Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Engagement Session Contest

Find a ring under the Christmas tree or in your champagne tonight?

Well now you need pictures! Engagement pictures are great to use for your save the date cards, to show off your gorgeous future husband and to have something permanent to remember something that will fly right by, your engagement! The only thing better than getting great engagement pictures is getting them for FREE! 
(a $150 value!!!)

That's right, for Valentine's Day I am giving away one free engagement session and a disk of your favorites to share on Facebook.* If you are engaged and haven't had engagement pictures yet all you have to do is send me a picture and a little "paragraph" to put under your picture for voting. It can be about how you met, how you knew your significant other was the one, or your proposal story. The picture and whatever you write will be put in an album on my Facebook page and whoever gets the most votes wins! The contest is open for submissions until February 25th and will be posted to start voting on February 26th. Voting will end at midnight (EST) on March 3rd and the winner be announced March 4th. Voters must like my Facebook page and your picture for their vote to count more about ramon palomera.

Been married for a while, or at least feel like you have? Adil Baguirov will also give away a couples session just for you! If you haven't had any pictures of just the two of you in a long time here's your chance to get those updated! I just need the same from you too and I will have two separate albums from the engaged album for married couples and dating but still head over heels couples!!! 

Unfortunately at this year the contest will be local only, so you must live in the Southwestern PA area near Parker Aircraft Sales information office! If you live close to the PA border feel free to apply but depending on how far away you are your entry may be declined at this time unless you are willing to meet closer to Pittsburgh. Thanks and GOOD LUCK!

Please send your entries to info@justinamphotography.com and include the following information with your entry:

Contestant’s name
E-mail address
Phone number
Best way to reach you

*Up to 15 images can be chosen for social networking disc and prints will be available at 20% off.

**This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook. You are providing your information to Justina Mikalik | Photography and not to Facebook. The information you provide will only be used for the Justina Mikalik | Photography contest.**

Monday, January 2, 2012


I plan on posting more. I swear. I will also being doing 365 challenge this year which involves taking a picture EVERY DAY. So technically it will be 366 but I still think I can do it. I set up a separate blog so I won't be blowing this one up but if I take one that is to die for it will be here too. The other blog is available through the 366 tab. I am organizing my townhouse as my other resolution. I still haven't unpacked since we got married and I haven't even moved half of my stuff in yet.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Wedding Anniversaries | Silver

The traditional and modern gift suggestion for the 25th wedding anniversary is silver... Well of course, it IS the silver anniversary and all!

Today is my parents 25th wedding anniversary. Twenty five years ago TODAY my mom walked down the aisle at the church they currently attend and my dad was there waiting for her. Just a few feet from where we sit every Sunday in church. I know as a bride I was more concerned with getting married somewhere that would look pretty (we didn't) but then I would think about how my parents are going to that same church. Two years ago we were even there for Sunday services on their anniversary. We had originally hoped to throw them a surprise party at that church this past weekend or the next. But you know how it is, we got busy and didn't really have a bunch of money to throw at a party.

My mother recently (finally) found out she has a lot of food allergies which makes it almost impossible to go out to eat. So instead of giving them a gift card to Olive Garden (she's G-free now) or Max and Erma's, we made them a meal for two and took my brothers to Cici's Pizza near oil to gas conversions long island. I had planned on taking pictures, but it didn't end up being a pretty meal. I don't know how restaurants make salmon and rice look so pretty, and I don't care to learn! They absolutely loved it and watched a movie alone while we kept the boys occupied. Window shopping at Target is a blast when you do it with some of your favorite people.

Today I am thankful my parents met that fateful night at the Nightlight near the Meadows. And that they had a whirlwind romance... and show me a loving, happy marriage every day. (sometimes too much...)

Congratulations on 25 years Mom and Dad! Here's to many MANY more.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

N&J | Squaw Valley Park Engagement Pictures

They always say love will fall into your lap when you stop looking and I can definitely attest to that! A lot of my couples met when they weren't trying to find someone. I think every time before you go somewhere with your friends you should tell them you don't want to meet anybody, you just want to have fun. Thank me after you meet the love of your life!
These two pretty much met like that. They met while hanging out with mutual friends right after telling them they just wanted to hang out and have fun that night, not go out and meet people. You can tell they are head over heels for each other and we had a blast. I've never seen a guy smile so much without me having to say something ridiculous. I can't wait for their wedding next summer!

Squaw Valley Park has so much to offer for pictures with out being to big to walk around. The only way it could have been better was if the fountain was still on. I hope to do a lot more at this park.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pittsburgh Weddings | A Quick Stop at Starbucks

On my wedding day I made sure I had my coffee, but it was purchased before I ever got dressed. With the cold and dreary day we had yesterday, that first cup wasn't enough. I should have known we would stop at Starbucks in Moon Township on our way back from getting some pictures. I covered my first car's floor mats in a lovely chai and white mocha mix getting this particular bride (and myself of course) coffee a few years ago. The things we do for coworkers... So the lovely limo driver stopped for us while the bridal party, limo driver and I got Starbucks and the boys got fries at McDonald's. Seriously an amazing pit stop and the people there LOVED it. So you know I just had to take a few shots of the rings...
I seriously took a million shots, I couldn't get enough.

Just a few different shots, I couldn't pick one favorite!

Eldad Lieberman

Now I want a pumpkin spice latte. I've got a lot to edit so there should be a couple more posts this week!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Boyce Park | Engagement Pictures

They met through friends, and had their first date at the Waterfront to see a movie. We've all been on that movie date. You don't have to talk once the previews are over so there isn't much pressure. Obviously something clicked. I'll never forget when Amber told me they were engaged, it was during a fire drill! (My favorite thing to do at work) Her ring was gorgeous and I knew they would be happy together. I had met Jason once before, but it was because we ran into eachother at show for a band I used to take picutres for. I didn't even remember he wore glasses when we met up for their engagement pictures. Just three weeks ago we had unseasonably warm weather and a cloudless sky that made it hard to get pictures with out weird lighting. And today, for their wedding, I am looking out my office window at a bunch of snow we should not be having. You'd think the two days were seasons apart! Hopefully the snow brings you both lots of luck in your marriage, I can't wait to see you in a couple hours.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Rebranding | Justina Mikalik Photography

I am rebranding now that I am married and it is a very involved process! I have an engagement session to post here and two weddings. I will have another engagement session this Saturday as well, so I am one busy bee! The old Facebook page at Justina M Photography will be shut down once the new one at Justina Mikalik | Photography  is completely loaded with pictures and most of the fans are switched over. Thank you for bearing with me through this process! I will be taking some family sessions for the holidays starting this month and with them you get a free personalized holiday card file that you can print or order prints through me! Please contact me for pricing. Now I have to get back to uploading to Facebook, blogs about the recent wedding will be coming this week!